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If you need an easy to use screen capture utility that takes lossless screenshots with the the full screen resolution and color depth, then Grabby is for you!

Many screen capture utilities add a bunch of features that you don't want, then make you pay for them! Not Grabby. We here at Tomasello Software understand that you already have image editing software and don't want to pay for features that you're not going to use. Grabby's raw bitmap capture is the very best for image editing since it is lossless.


  • High-speed capture of lossless bitmap images
  • High quality JPG capture
  • Capture a single window or the full screen
  • Timer mode for automated capture with an image recycle option

That's it.. Just screen capture at it's finest.

Written back in 1999, Grabby has been downloaded and installed on thousands of computers.
This native Windows 32bit executable is extremely compact weighing in at only 304KB!!
Grabby uses only core Windows imaging APIs and therefore runs on all versions of Windows without modification.

Grabby provides high resolution screen capture that works on all versions of windows. Don't be fooled by Grabby's low price, no screen capture utility at any price can take a higher resolution screenshot than Grabby. Grabby captures the full resolution and color depth of whatever your display is capable of without any loss of fidelity. Grabby can capture lossless bitmaps and high quality JPG images. Grabby also has a timer for automated capture.


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